Herff Jones Stitch


In 2011, Herff Jones engage with Roundarch to help them build “Stitch” – a social media platform that enables students to tell the story of their high school life. Stitch is a multi-channel, multi-tentant application that runs in desktop browsers, tablets and mobile devices. In Stitch users can share their photos in an engaging UI, read and publish “Storylines” about their school, and interact with the system and users to gain achievements (similar to Four Square).

Adam served as an architect and the technical director for this project. He defined the foundational architecture for the Flex Browser Application and worked with lead Flex developers to define the system architecture for the mobile and tablet efforts. The team also integrated several features with the organization’s enterprise CMS.

Stitch was built using: Adobe Flex, Blaze DS, AngularJS, Phone Gap, Adobe CQ, and Java.