Adam Flater lives in Denver, CO where he is president and founder of Tacit Progression. In Denver, and throughout the U.S., he works with clients to help define an actionable and efficient technology roadmap for critical initiatives in their organizations. Tacit also helps clients define requirements, design user experience and creative concepts, execute technical initiatives, and release software internally or to the market. Tacit puts a strong belief on the merit of joining the disciplines of business/functional, design, and technology to ensure a holistic product is developed working with all key stake holders.

Adam most recently worked at Roundarch Isobar where he served as a Technical Director. He started in 2009 and has engaged with key clients including Tesla Motors, Bloomberg Sports, The New York Jets, Pearson Education, and Herff Jones. Key clients previous to Roundarch included NASDAQ and eBay.

Adam typically engages on projects in the role of Enterprise Architect — aligning needs of future state architectures with the current state of IT. Adam also works to ensure that workflow between the disciplines of user experience, creative design, and technology are executed efficiently. On most of his projects at Roundarch, he helped to staff teams using his personal network of technical, user experience, and design colleagues.

Adam has previously held the position of Software Architect at both Universal Mind and EffectiveUI.

If you have a need to build a modern, scalable, well designed web application, please contact Adam at:
+1 720 432-6280

The following are recommendations from clients and colleagues. 


As Technical Director at Roundarch Isobar

“Adam is a strategic thinker and brought a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to the project. He always had a positive attitude to solving problems, shared best practices, and could always be reached for counsel.” October 1, 2012

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– Sean Bradley, eCommerce Product Manager at Herff Jones (client) | LinkedIn

Formerly: Express Scripts, Archway Technology Partners, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Deloitte



As Technical Director at Roundarch

“Adam is a rare breed — he’s a thought leader in the technology space and has a keen sense of client needs and how to address them. He takes initiative to remove hurdles … while most people complain about a given problem, Adam is busy solving it. It’s refreshing to work with an idea person who can also deliver. Highly creative and mature beyond his age. Adam is on my shortlist of go-to people, and he should be on yours.” July 20, 2012

– Colin Angel, Technical Director (Independent Consultant), Roundarch Isobar (colleague) | LinkedIn

Formerly: Roundarch,, Resources Global Professionals

“Rarely in my career have I seen the type of positive impact a colleague has made to an organization than Adam. Fully engaged with multiple teams/practices on several types of technologies, Adam’s sharing of knowledge and ideas lead the way to new discussions, new technologies, and new growth for all of Roundarch.” February 10, 2013

– Rick Marshall, Director, Information Technologies at Duarte Design (colleague) | LinkedIn

Formerly: Roundarch, Vercuity, Diablo Publications, Cygent, Inc.

As Technical Architect at Roundarch

“Adam is an intuitive class ‘A’ professional who always exceeds expectation in delivering quality service for his clients/customers. Adam’s unique balance between technical knowledge and people management played a huge positive role in our engagement. Adam‘s ‘can-do’ attitude was key to meeting our project goals. He excels in web User Interface and Adobe technologies. I enjoyed working with Adam and his team. I would highly recommend Adam.” October 17, 2010

– Senthil Ranganathan Sr. Technical/Development Manager at Edaptive Systems, Inc. (client) | LinkedIn

Formerly: General Dynamics Information Technology, Concursive Corporation (Centric CRM), Finiti – Citi Division, VISA, GE Transportation Systems


As Software Architect at Universal Mind

“I have worked with Adam for over a year now at different companies and on different projects. I find Adam a great partner with a keen mind who has a strong balance between design, development, and business drivers. I always enjoy working with him on projects, and he is one of the first call resources I look towards when beginning a new challenging effort.” October 14, 2008

– Mike Connor, Principal, Spice Catalyst (colleague) | LinkedIn

Formerly: Universal Mind, EffectiveUI, Adobe Systems, Crimson Consulting, Certive,, G2 Research (now part of Gartner Group), Apple


As Presenter at 360|Flex Conferences

“Adam has spoken at various 360|Flex conferences we put on. His technical knowledge is one of the best. He’s always a crowd pleaser, because he has so much to share. Adam is also very personable. This quality is not necessarily found in technically minded people, so it is important to point out. Adam is one of the people where if you find yourself in a bind, you know you can give him a call and he’ll come through for you. This is the case even if the help you sought was in an area he wasn’t 100% comfortable in.” November 15, 2008

– Tom Ortega, Founder, Area 161 / Omega Ortega LLC | LinkedIn

Formerly: RapidNinja, LLC, Workday, Inc., eBay, Argent Mortgage Company, Right Connections

“… Adam brings his ‘A’ game every time he comes to 360|Flex to present. His topics always rock and are of the caliber we demand. I’d have Adam back to speak in a heartbeat, and probably will!” September 22, 2008

– John Wilker, Partner, Uncubed | LinkedIn

Formerly: EffectiveUI, Universal Mind, Red Omega Solutions, Inc., Xylem CCI, Quovadx, Inc., SpireMedia


As Software Architect at EffectiveUI

“He’s the type of creative technologist that makes people jealous. Adam is a highly capable senior-level software architect who innovates on every project. We are really proud to have him on our team. He’s a well-rounded guy and one heck of a singer/songwriter on top of it.” August 2, 2007

– Dave Meeker, Director – Emerging Technology & Isobar Nowlab, Roundarch Isobar (colleague) | LinkedIn

Formerly: Roundarch, EffectiveUI, Machete, WHITTMANHART, divine, inc., Web Design Group, Digiknow, NewReach Communications

“Adam is a top-flight software architect. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with him on a number of different projects here at EffectiveUI as well as attending some of his many conference presentations. Not only is Adam extraordinarily well-versed in the fundamentals of computer science and software engineering, he excels at translating this into creative, efficient, and well-documented code and delivering it on-schedule. Adam is always looking for ways to improve not only the code that he’s currently working on, but also the bigger questions of how to improve the way we build software. Lastly, he has that rare combination of versatility and depth of experience that allows him to quickly jump into a difficult problem and come up with a workable solution. Adam’s a solid asset to not only EffectiveUI, but to the Flash/Flex development community as well.” November 13, 2007

– Jim Cheng, Senior Engineer, EffectiveUI (colleague) | LinkedIn

Formerly: Quark, Inc.