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360|Flex Atlanta : Advanced Skinning and Component Development

I’ll be speaking at the next 360|Flex conference coming up in Atlanta. If you’ve not been to a 360|Flex in the past, they’re great conferences and you should definitely check it out. Tom and John do a great job a putting these events on. There will be a ton of great speakers, include several from [...]

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Binding with Getters and Setters

In most of the Flex apps written these days there’s a need for applicattion level configuration data. It’s really nice to have this data sit in an XML file on a server somewhere so that it’s really easy to update. Typically I’m seeing stuff in these files like Copyright info, Terms of Service, maybe some [...]

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Team RIA Development – Part 2 – MVC – Part 1

My posts on team development will start from a beginners understanding of programming, working up to an advanced look at architecture and design. First thing’s first: What’s this MVC thing? MVC stands for Model-view-controller. MVC aims to separate, or decouple, data (model) from the user interface (view) and functional logic (controller). You can read a [...]

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Η ιστορία Artemis (The Story of Artemis)

Artemis began as a proof of concept. One day, about 4 weeks ago I was working away in my office at effectiveUI when one of my bosses (although I’m sure he would object to that title), Brook, asked me about the feasibility of an application for a potential client. This is not an odd thing [...]

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