360|Flex Atlanta : Advanced Skinning and Component Development

I’ll be speaking at the next 360|Flex conference coming up in Atlanta. If you’ve not been to a 360|Flex in the past, they’re great conferences and you should definitely check it out. Tom and John do a great job a putting these events on. There will be a ton of great speakers, include several from Universal Mind (listed below).

Here’s my abstract for the talk:

Advanced Skinning and Component Development

Building components for the Flex Framework can be a tricky task. In this session we will examine some of the best practices of component development as well as look at the tools available for skinning a custom Flex control. We’ll walk through a demo of building a custom component developed using MXML and ActionScript 3.0 and skinned using the Flex plugins for Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, and Illustrator. As there is no release date set for Thermo no promises can be made about a demo of it’s capabilities, but if it’s available we’ll look at that too.

UM Speakers :
- Doug Knudsen : Custom components in a BRIA environment’
- Doug McCune : Session: Be Lazy, Use Open Source Flex Projects
- Andrew Powell : Building Java Powered Flex Applications

The 360|Flex Pitch

This 3-day conference is the place to learn about Flex and AIR from Adobe and community speakers. Sunday before the conference we’ll be offering an all day Flex 101 session, included in the price of registration. That’s right, a pre-conference all day training session on Flex. 360|Flex is the premiere Flex and AIR conference. We were the first Flex conference and we’re still growing and getting better.
Don’t miss out, only $480 for an individual or $1500 for a 4-person team. More details can be found at http://360flex.com

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  1. Tom Ortega

    Thanks for the kind words, Adam. It’s killer speakers like you and your UM team mates that help make the events so great!

    See you in a few weeks!

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