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Leaving EffectiveUI

About three weeks ago I officially left EffectiveUI. This was an extremely difficult decision, one that I made in order to pursue career objectives outside of EffectiveUI. I have been contracting since, but will soon be on in a new full time position that I’m really excited about… more to come on that. I wish [...]

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Hands On: eBay Desktop Opens to the Masses

By Alan Henry eBay has a history of releasing tools and widgets that make it easier for buyers to find items and for sellers to make money. Between the Firefox Companion and blog-compatible eBay widgets, the site has gone out of its way to provide a number of tools that make using the online auction site so easy that [...]

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Adobe – Adobe Press Room: For immediate release

Nearly 600 Entries Received from 30 Countries in Fifth Year of Competition ADOBE MAX 2007, CHICAGO — October 3, 2007 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the winners of the 2007 MAX Awards. Now in its fifth year, the global awards program recognizes innovative applications of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences. Adobe received [...]

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Facebook Interview On CRN

I was recently part of a group interview session with Stacy Cowley from CRN. Here’s a snippet of the article where I was quoted: ‘…Adam Flater, an EffectiveUI software architect, sees Facebook’s fluffiness as an essential part of its appeal. “Users are adopting things for their sheer entertainment value right now. When a client wants [...]

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Binding with Getters and Setters

In most of the Flex apps written these days there’s a need for applicattion level configuration data. It’s really nice to have this data sit in an XML file on a server somewhere so that it’s really easy to update. Typically I’m seeing stuff in these files like Copyright info, Terms of Service, maybe some [...]

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Team RIA Development – Part 2 – MVC – Part 1

My posts on team development will start from a beginners understanding of programming, working up to an advanced look at architecture and design. First thing’s first: What’s this MVC thing? MVC stands for Model-view-controller. MVC aims to separate, or decouple, data (model) from the user interface (view) and functional logic (controller). You can read a [...]

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Presenting at eBay Developers Conference

I’ll be presenting at the eBay Developers Conference on June 12th in Bosoton. My topic will be on using the eBay ActionScript SDK to create eBay Widgets. I was the lead develoepr on the eBay ActionScript SDK project. (Read more on Ryan Stewart’s Blog: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Stewart/?p=302) This project leverages the Apache Axis toolkit to generate web [...]

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Η ιστορία Artemis (The Story of Artemis)

Artemis began as a proof of concept. One day, about 4 weeks ago I was working away in my office at effectiveUI when one of my bosses (although I’m sure he would object to that title), Brook, asked me about the feasibility of an application for a potential client. This is not an odd thing [...]

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