Meet Merapi

Merapi is a new project that is a framework for connecting AIR to java at the desktop. It will be built as freeware until the team is happy with the stability. We will then move it to Google Code and make the project open source. There will be more to come but for now I can tell you that Merapi will pick up where Artemis left off with the goals of making it easier to implement using the framework, providing a good mechanism of deployment, and solving some security concerns.

The contributors…

Sean Christmann

Sean is an Experience Architect with over 7 years work in online applications and games. Originally trained in design and media, he found reading code easier then designing web sites and now applies his knowledge of both worlds to help create compelling user experiences in the RIA space. Sean is currently leading the development of eBay’s disruptive new desktop application codenamed ‘San Dimas’ built on the AIR platform. Sean works for EffectiveUI.

Adam Flater

Adam was co-creater of the Artemis project and creator of this project. Artemis was created when AIR was still in alpha and code named Apollo. He’s been a Flex coder since 2005 and a was a java developer before that. Adam works for Universal Mind.

Alex MacCaw

Alex is a 18yr old Rails & Flex developer. He’s been using Rails for 3 years now and has a fair number of open source projects to his name, as well as an active blog.¬†Alex works for Reevoo, a London startup.

Louie Penaflor

Louie is a designer turned developer and has been designing and developing interactive applications and games utilizing Flash since 1999. Louie works for Digital Primates.

Andrew Powell

Andrew has been architecting and developing web applications for over 10 years using ColdFusion, Flex, AJAX, and Java. Currently, his focus is on integrating enterprise Java technologies such as Spring and Hibernate with Flex and AIR applications. Andrew works for Universal Mind.

Juan Sanchez

Juan is experience designer and has a variety of design experience with branding, advertising, Flash, Flex, HTML, CSS, and print media. Juan works for EffectiveUI.

Rhazes Spell

Rhazes is currently a Lead Interactive Developer. Prior to that he was under the tutelage of Adam who learned him well in the art of making bits and bytes dance and prance. He’s been a Flex developer since 2007, Java before that, but Perl will always be his first love. Rhazes works for Roundarch.


5 thoughts on “Meet Merapi

  1. Anonymous


    Our Development team is very interested in mixing Flex and JAVA but not finding much info about Merapi. I have downloaded Artemis and played with it some but I assume this is not being replaced by Merapi. When could we get our hands on a copy of Merapi to play with?


    Don Doyle
    Arinc Inc.
    7666 E 61st St
    Tulsa Ok, 74133

  2. Adam Flater


    Thanks for the interest… Merapi is in very early stages of development. We’re hoping to get a private alpha release going in a matter of weeks and move to open source inside of something like 3-6 months. Contact me offline if you’d like to be part of the private alpha.

    adamflater [at] gmail [dot] com.


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Adam,

    Looking forward to the alpha release of Merapi. If you need any help, I would be happy to assist in anyway. I have Flex and Java development experience.


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