Joining Universal Mind

After making the decision to leave my former position I had another tough decision to make; what to do next. My first plan was to contract for a while to see how I enjoyed that lifestyle as well as try out a few companies, but as I took the advice of many of my friends in the industry I knew that I would be much happier in the long term if I found a more permanent home.

I ended up talking with several organizations and had to make a tough decision between a few very competitive offers. In the end, helping to build a team of talented rich internet application technologists at Universal Mind was the best match for my goals. I’m really excited about the crew that is taking shape and the work that will be a result in the coming months and years.

I think my buddy Doug best summed it up in his latest blog post :

“So what does this mean? It means Universal Mind is badass.”

My first couple weeks as a contractor have been outstanding. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue working with all of the great people at Universal Mind.

8 thoughts on “Joining Universal Mind

  1. John Wright

    Congratulations Adam on your new position. Looking forward to hearing about what you will be working on.

  2. Allen

    Congratulations Adam. I know that you will do very well and have some amazing accomplishments ahead of you.

  3. Doug Schmidt

    Best wishes for the new gig. Having done both the contracting and full-time thing recently myself, I agree with your friends’ advice. The long-term view is always more fun.

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