360|Flex Atlanta Survey Results

I thought I’d mirror Tom and John’s style of being transparent about 360|Flex and share the survey results of my talk.

Thanks to everyone that gave feedback. I’ll be giving a 2.0 version of this talk at Flex Maniacs in May and feedback from attendees is really helpful to know what to polish.

If you were at my talk and didn’t have to time to give feedback, feel free to comment here or send me an e-mail off-line. I’d love to hear about how to make this talk more usefull.



Advanced Skinning and Component Development

Respondants: 7
What the user Expected? 71.43 %
Slides Useful: 71.43 %
Average Rating: 4.4286
Session Informative? 71.43 %

Was the speaker authoritive?

Very good presentation, had materials available for us to download

Knows his stuff. Great talk, good pace.

Was the Session Informative?

Hadn’t really done skinning – very cool functionality

Useful step-by-step demos!

Were the Slides Useful?

Great reference slides.

Love the slides and the examples on how to skin in Flash. I will definately be using them in the future.

Additional Comments:

well done


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