Merapi is churning… out comes “Hello World”

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people regarding Merapi lately. So, I thought it’d be a good idea to put together a “Hello World” screen cast. In the video below you’ll see a very simple use case of the framework: An AIR application that connects to Merapi on startup and receives a String from Java that’s shown in a Flex Label control.

So, what does this mean? It means..

  • The framework is coming together and we’ll be looking for your questions and concerns about how we’re implementing it.
  • A private alpha will be on it’s way very soon.
  • More screen casts will be coming.
  • There’s real code now. Merapi is now classified as active.

11 thoughts on “Merapi is churning… out comes “Hello World”

  1. Adam Flater

    Thanks Andrew. Yes, deployment will be very important, but it’s a phase 2 thing. Our first goal is to get the framework solid, then we’ll move on to deployment. Just like Mike Chamber’s CommandProxy, this idea is not yet secure or mature enough for consumer facing deployment, but hopefully it will be a viable option soon enough.

  2. Adam Flater


    Hopefully within a couple months. I’m taking this latest progress I’ve made back to the other contributors and we’ll be discussing the architecture to make sure it’s sound. Once we have something in place we like we’ll move to google code and the license will be MIT or something that’s very unrestrictive.

  3. R


    I have a couple of questions:
    1) Does it require running the java from the client? Does it mean the client would have to download the jars and actually run it?
    2) Is this a open source? Where can I d/l it to actually check it out?

    - Rennen

  4. Adam Flater


    Re 1: Deployment will be something we tackle in phase 2, but, no, the end user will not have to start the Java process manually. When we tackle deployment issues after the framework is solid there will likely be a couple different ways that this is handled.

    Re 2: It’s not open source yet, but should be in a few months.

  5. edison

    i love this project. Could you provide me a chance to access the beta?

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