Web Maniacs 2008

When I originally submitted two topics for Web Maniacs a few months ago I figured I might end up presenting one of them. Now I’m doing four.

In order of appearance:

9a, Wed: Advanced Skinning and Component Development

This session will actually be more about skinning and less about component development. After presenting this topic at 360 Flex | Atlanta I learned that the CS3 design extensions and general Flex skinning techniques are more than enough info to fill a session. I’ll be happy to answer any questions on component development, but the focus of the talk will be all the different ways to create skins. There are various pros and cons associated with each skinning method and we’ll talk a bit about those as well.

2p, Wed: The Merapi Project – A Framework for Bridging Java and AIR

merapiLogo-largeI’ll be presenting some samples applications in this session and answering questions regarding the project. We’ll be entering a private alpha cycle during Web Maniacs, so this is an exciting time for Merapi. If you have an interest in how to push the boundaries of AIR to extend into Java at the desktop, come check out this session.

9a, Thu: Design Patterns and Architecture Frameworks

In this session I’ll be presenting several of the design patterns found in the classic Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides text “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software,” with a Flex twist. Some of these patterns appear the the Flex framework, some appear in Flex application frameworks, and some are just common patterns used in the everyday life of an OO developer. This talk is focused towards the intermediate to expert level object oriented programmer.


11a, Thu: Flex Open Source Panel Discussion

This panel discussion will include founders and contributors from various open source projects in the Flex community. I’ll introduce the panel and each project that’s represented. Then, we’ll pose some general questions about open source technology and the implications on using OS projects in your Flex applications. As we wrap up, we’ll take general questions on OS as well as specific questions for the panel regarding the projects they work on. If you’re interested in being on the panel, please contact me at adamflater at gmail dot com.

Whew… I think that’s about it. See you all in D.C. and watch my blog for assets from these talks.

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2 thoughts on “Web Maniacs 2008

  1. Anonymous

    Really bummed I missed both of the Design Patterns presos. I have the ppt, but did you present any additional code? If so, could you post it?

  2. Adam Flater


    thanks for the comment… sorry there were no code examples. This preso was strictly a lecture / theory based talk. Next time I would like to cut down on the number of patterns and get into some more detailed code examples… sorry you missed it, try to catch me next time.. ;)


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