EclipseWorld Session Recap


As promised in my session at EclipseWorld¬†[No longer up] today, I’m posting a recap of the session. My session was titled “Building Flex/AIR UIs for Java Using Merapi”. The session gave an overview of Flex, Flex Builder, and Merapi. I also provided some sample application demos using the Merapi framework. You’ll find a link to download the slides from the session at the end of this post. My session was slated as a 100 level talk so I covered a lot of basic, high level concepts regarding Flex and Flex Builder. I’m interested to hear feedback on the talk as I’m typically presenting at Flex centric events and EclipseWorld focuses more on Java development. My hope is that the session was valuable to those seeking an introductory look at Flex and AIR.

Thanks to everyone that attended and for all of the greatquestions throughout the session.

Download links:


Merapi Examples:

Mac Book Pro Accelerometer
Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Live GPS Visualization*
Sending Growl Notifications*
RFID Enable AIR Applications*

* – Part of Andrew Powell’s Blog