Farewell to Universal Mind

After much deliberation, earlier this week I chose to step down from my position at Universal Mind. This was a difficult decision for me as UM has a unique collection of highly talented individuals that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with. I will truly miss counting all the great people at UM as colleagues. I leave my best wishes to the success of Universal Mind and all of it’s employees as individuals. I am certain that we will continue to see amazing work from the UM team in the RIA space in both development and design.

It was great to work with all of you and I hope to cross paths with each of you again soon.


6 thoughts on “Farewell to Universal Mind

  1. John Wilker

    So what’s next? Definitely UM’s loss :) Sure you’ll do kick ass stuff where ever you are!

  2. Adam Flater

    Thanks John.

    I’ll be blogging soon on what’s next…

    Lots to catch up on at the moment. ;)

  3. GlobalLeader

    Yeah man, where are you going now? Get that post up, quit playing us!!! :D

    - Ryan T. Graff

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