Roundarch and Tesla Highlight Next-Generation Driving Experience at Adobe MAX 2009

LOS ANGELES–Executives and engineers from interactive software pioneer Roundarch and leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors will outline the next-generation driving experience at Adobe MAX 2009, one of the world’s most popular developer conferences.

Roundarch, a leader in digital design and implementation focused on building enterprise class Web sites, Web applications and next-generation “screen-based” experiences, and Tesla, the only automaker producing and selling highway-capable EVs, will focus on the development efforts behind the Model S prototype. The all-electric family sedan, expected to debut as a 2012 model-year vehicle, features a unique infotainment system — a 17-inch, fully customizable touchscreen display that can serve as a digital canvas for drivers and passengers.

Dave Meeker, Roundarch director of emerging technology, and Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen will lead a theoretical discussion Tuesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center on how the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer is using rapid prototyping to shape the user interface. Engineers from both companies will provide insight on how the conventional bricks–and-mortar dashboard will be transformed into a touch-based digital experience.

“We believe the next generation of cars will be connected directly to the Internet, and Roundarch, Tesla and Adobe are leading the charge,” said Meeker. “Adobe’s mix of tools from Adobe Suite, Adobe Flex and Adobe Air increased our efficiency in designing and developing the Model S prototype, so this is a very appropriate forum, and we look forward to a lively discussion.”

“The Model S will embody Tesla’s uncompromising attitude toward customers and a big part of that will be the in-car experience and the personal infotainment system,” said von Holzhausen. “We’re already very deep into development of the Model S, and we’re confident it will be the best example of a truly Web-enabled car.”

Tesla and Roundarch Sessions at Adobe MAX

Tesla is the only automaker producing and selling a highway-capable electric vehicle. The all-electric Roadster sports car – faster than a Porsche but greener than a Toyota Prius — will be on display at booth 435.

The companies will host the following sessions:

* “Reinventing the Driving Experience: The Tesla Model S”: von Holzhausen, Meeker and Roundarch creative director Zach DeBord discuss elements of the design process behind the Model S.

Time: Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1:30 p.m.

Location: Room: 406A

* “Behind the Technology in the Tesla Model S”: Engineers at Tesla and Roundarch will discuss how they developed the software and hardware technology that powers the user experience in the Model S infotainment system. Presenters include Meeker and Roundarch architect /evangelist Adam Flater, along with Brian Finn, Tesla senior manager of interactive electronics, and Evan Small, Tesla senior interface developer.

Time: Tuesday, Oct. 6, 3:00 p.m.

Location: Room: 406A

About Roundarch

Roundarch designs and implements digital experiences for the world’s largest organizations. Roundarch delivers web sites, rich web applications, mobile apps, social media applications, digital marketing campaigns and more for clients such as Avis, A&E, Hershey’s and the US Air Force. Roundarch’s unique blend of breakthrough user experience design and enterprise-class technology implementation is perfectly suited for the most complex problems in the digital space. Roundarch has offices in Boston, Chicago and New York. For more information visit and

About Tesla Motors

Tesla sells cars online and has delivered more than 700 electric vehicles to customers in North America and Europe. The company’s goal is to produce increasingly affordable cars to mainstream buyers – relentlessly driving down te cost of EV technology. Tesla achieved overall corporate profitability in July, thanks to strong demand for the Roadster, the highly acclaimed sports car that’s faster than Porsche 911 or Audi R8 yet is twice as energy efficient as a Toyota Prius. With an EPA-estimated range of nearly 250 miles per charge, it costs less than $5 to refuel. Roadsters qualify for numerous incentives, including a $7,500 US federal tax credit, sales tax waivers and credits in several states, and incentives throughout Europe.

From: The Auto Channel