Merapi Session from BFlex

Today was the Flex portion of the BFusion/BFlex here in Bloomington, IN. I presented on integration native code in Flex with Merapi here at Indiana University. The main example we worked through involved automating Excel in Flex using Merapi .NET. The code for the example is checked into our Merapi Example repository. I thought a short screen cast might be helpful as well.

This example was developed using Flex 4 and Merapi .NET in C#. You’ll need the Flash Builder 4 beta to build the Flex code and Visual Studio 2008 to play with the C# code. However, if you’d like to skip that part, you can download the binary for the C# portion from here and just run it from the command line.

Additional resources:

HTML view of the Flex code
HTML view of the C# code
The Google Code repo

Thanks to Bob and everyone involved with BFlex for having me speak and putting on a great event.

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  1. TJ

    This is pretty sweet! However, you say Merapi .NET. I can't seem to find any reference to the .NET library on or in any of the repos. Could you clarify this?

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