Flash and the City is this week!

This week, I’ll be at Flash and the City (FATC) in downtown Manhattan, a conference designed to give people the opportunity to attend sessions with industry experts in Flash, Flex, ColdFusion, mobile, and UX design—all while exploring world-famous sites throughout New York City. Conference-goers and speakers will also have the opportunity to mingle at social events like a yacht cruise and Brooklyn retreat.

The conference, held at the 3LD (3-Legged Dog) Art & Technology Center, will feature tracks for Technology and Inspiration, along with the City track for exploring local landmarks. The Technology track will focus on coding and wiring for application architecture while the Inspiration track will center on design and user experience. The venue, which is a gallery for new media and experimental artwork, is meant to mirror the tone of the conference in the way it joins art and technology.

As part of the Inspiration track, I’ll be giving my talk entitled “Building RIAs with Style,” which I premiered at Flash Camp Chicago in February and have continued to refine since then. The talk starts with an introduction of lower level concepts about web graphics for developers, continues with exploring how some popular RIA frameworks handle styling, and wraps up by comparing two important workflow tools—Adobe Flash Catalyst and Microsoft Expression Blend—to demonstrate how the different platforms operate.

My goal with this talk is to provide rookies with a basis for understanding graphic assets, how to apply styles in RIA development, and the importance of styling as well as provide more advanced tricks of the trade for senior developers.

Check back to hear how it went, but first, watch my interview with Elad Elrom, Flash and the City conference organizer. Elad is a technical writer and senior Flash engineer, and he will also be leading a session entitled “Flex Data Binding Pitfalls: 10 Common Misuse Mistakes.”

Flash and the City is May 14-16 in New York, New York.