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Recap from 360 Flex | San Jose

Coming at you from sunny San Jose, California at the eBay campus… Yesterday at 360 Flex I presented a session on Merapi and moderated a panel discussion on open source technology. At the Merapi session we discussed the focus of the project and show a lot of sample applications. Including a few demos that showed [...]

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Merapi + Physics

Today at Web Maniacs I gave a fairly brief, short notice talk on Merapi. I had a few slides and presented a couple examples. The coolest example by far is something that Doug McCune helped me throw together. This example involves using a physics engine for Flex called Foam and Merapi to invoke the Java/C [...]

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Merapi is churning… out comes “Hello World”

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people regarding Merapi lately. So, I thought it’d be a good idea to put together a “Hello World” screen cast. In the video below you’ll see a very simple use case of the framework: An AIR application that connects to Merapi on startup and receives a String [...]

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Η ιστορία Artemis (The Story of Artemis)

Artemis began as a proof of concept. One day, about 4 weeks ago I was working away in my office at effectiveUI when one of my bosses (although I’m sure he would object to that title), Brook, asked me about the feasibility of an application for a potential client. This is not an odd thing [...]

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