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Recap from 360 Flex | San Jose

Coming at you from sunny San Jose, California at the eBay campus… Yesterday at 360 Flex I presented a session on Merapi and moderated a panel discussion on open source technology. At the Merapi session we discussed the focus of the project and show a lot of sample applications. Including a few demos that showed [...]

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LFFS – 12: Flex Builder Part 2 – Getting Acquainted With The Workbench

The second post in our sub-series on Flex Builder is out! Read here: LFFS – 12: Flex Builder Part 2 – Getting Acquainted With The Workbench Also, we’ve registered www.learningflexfromscratch.com as a shortcut to our content on Inside RIA. thanks for reading -adam

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InfoQ Case Study: NASDAQ Market Replay

Posted by Jon Rose & Claude Courbois NASDAQ Market Replay provides a NASDAQ-validated replay and analysis of the activity in the stock market. The application is built using the Adobe Flex and AIR platform, and utilizes the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for persisting historical market data. The combination of S3 and AIR offers a powerful [...]

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Merapi + Physics

Today at Web Maniacs I gave a fairly brief, short notice talk on Merapi. I had a few slides and presented a couple examples. The coolest example by far is something that Doug McCune helped me throw together. This example involves using a physics engine for Flex called Foam and Merapi to invoke the Java/C [...]

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InsideRIA Post – More on Static Code

I have a new post up on InsideRIA called : More on Static Code. This is in response to the high demand that I saw in my blog analytics for a post I did sometime back on this blog called Static Code Blocks in ActionScript!. I hope you find it helpful. -adam Original post from: http://www.developria.com/2008/05/more-on-static-code.html [...]

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Web Maniacs 2008

When I originally submitted two topics for Web Maniacs a few months ago I figured I might end up presenting one of them. Now I’m doing four. In order of appearance: 9a, Wed: Advanced Skinning and Component Development This session will actually be more about skinning and less about component development. After presenting this topic [...]

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Need Opinions on LFFS

As many of you know I’ve been co-writing a series on the O’Reilly site www.insideria.com with my friend Scott Sheridan called Learning Flex from Scratch.  A big thanks to Rich Tretola for having us on as a part of Inside RIA. When we started the series Scott had no experience as a programmer. His academic background is in [...]

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LFFS – 9 – MXML Continued… And A Sample Application For You To Work With!

The latest post in the Learning Flex from Scratch series is up. This post continues exploring the MXML language and leaves you with a uncompleted application to finish. The first “homework assignment” of LFFS, if you will. Check back next week for explanation of the solution Scott came up with. thanks for reading -adam

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